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Agriculture in India is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in its overall socio-economic fabric. Even though majority of the land and 50% of the total work force is engaged in agriculture, it has an unsatisfaction contribution to the GDP of the country.

Seeds are the fundamental ingredients for agriculture to happen; research shows that in general productivity of the crop would be effectively increased by 20% using quality seeds alone keeping other cultural and management practices the same.

Ceres Beeja Research Private Limited, commonly known as "CERES" was setup with the ‘goal’ : 'To facilitate probatively the growth of agricultural seed industry and sustainable agriculture in the country'. Our focus lies on field crops especially, Paddy, Mustard, Maize and Vegetables.

The objectives of the company are:

  • To conduct business in the field of agricultural seed production, promotion and multiplication of agricultural seeds.
  • To promote and implement research and development
  • To conduct regular capacity development, awareness building and promotional activities.
  • To provide technological support to rural farmers in order to enhance productivity as well as income of the farming communities.
  • To involve agri-entrepreneurs and SHGs for creating production base and thereby improving the rural economy.
The company has expertise across the board: research and development, field and lab testing, data review, production and farm management.

We have a strong research program which consist of two breeding stations in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal and several testing stations spread across the country.

Company has hired best talent available in public and private sector for research and development better hybrids and improved varieties in various field crops and vegetables.

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