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Corporate Social Responsibility

B. P. Poddar Foundation for Education is a Trust dedicated to enhance and enrich the quality of Technical Education available in the country. B. P. Poddar Foundation is providing free education to the financially weaker students. The Foundation is also providing scholarship to some students at B. P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology. In addition to above, B. P. Poddar Foundation for Education is also providing Science Scholarship to eligible students through the Educational Co-ordination Committee and also helping the students to buy books at their study centre.


Our Group Chairman Sri Arun Poddar is one of the Trustee of Anandalok Hospital, which has five hospitals in Kolkata and one in Ranigunj, acclaimed for providing world-class medical facilities at price affordable by the common people. Anandalok Hospital is the most inexpensive hospital for Bypass Surgery at Rs. 85,000/-. Anandalok has built 5600 houses at a cost of Rs. 62 crores and given to people who could never dream of having a roof on their head. Anandalok is also running 18 schools in West Bengal providing free education and fooding to the students at a cost of Rs. 10/- per month. Also providing free ration to the economically weaker section of the society approx 8000 people every month. Amongst the other activities, Anandalok has been instrumental in “jirnodhaar” of 130 temples in different districts of West Bengal and other states. Anandalok is pursuing several projects, some of which are at an advance stage including village development.


Shri Arun Poddar, Group Chairman, continues to be a Trustee of Spandan Foundation and Spandan Society. Spandan Society supports and presents not only Senior Singers, Dancers, Theater Personalities and performers but also encourages the young talent. Spandan Society is committed to provide varied facet of the cultural world to the Society.
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